Cyclosportive Cycling Event GRAN FONDO TARRAGONA. October 4, 2015.

This regulation is to be adopted generally without prejudice to what it may contain specifically with regard to traffic conditions and other measures of control and surveillance employed during the Cycling Event, to the administrative authorization issued by the Servei Catala de Transit, and to the indications and recommendations that the Catalan police (Generalitat Mossos d’Esquadra) and the head of Road Safety deem appropriate on the day of the event.
a. The Club Ciclista SECUITENC (hereafter, “the Organizer”) organizes the CYCLOSPORTIVE CYCLING EVENT GRAN FONDO TARRAGONA.
b. The event will take place on October 4, 2015.
c. The start line and finish line will be located at: Inicio de la Escullera (Tarragona)
d. The Organizer has proposed two route options:
– A long route of 160 kilómetros with an elevation of 2.360 meters.
– A short route of 107 kilómetros with an elevation of 1.360 meters.
e. The organizer can be contacted by:
Phone: (+34) 628 500 500

Article 2: THE COURSE
The course route follows the “d- Marcha Ciclodeportiva con salida conjunta” format as established by the Catalan Federation of Cycling:
d- Cyclosportive tour with mass start: The mass start for all riders will be at 8:00. The course is timed with timing-mat checkpoints at the start line and finish line. Riders will follow lead vehicles, which will mark the previously established pace of the course.

a. The cyclosportive is a road bike cycling tour regulated by the Reglamento de Ciclismo para Todos de la Real Federación Español de Ciclismo (RFEC) as a type of specialized cycling sport whose objectives combine physical exercise with leisure, tourism and culture. The event is subject to the provisions of Article 15 of Annex II of the Royal Decree 1428/2003 of 21 November, amending the rules of the road for implementation and development of the text articulated in the traffic law, the circulation of motor vehicles, and road safety, approved by Royal Decree 339/1990, March
b. In courses of more than 130 km, or those with a cumulative elevation of over 2,000 meters, riders must be at least 18 to participate.
c. It is a non-competitive cycling event. Roads will be open to traffic, so participants will be required to respect the Road Safety Act and obey general traffic laws. The Organizer will ensure the safe passage of cyclists at critical points along the route where it coincides with other road traffic, and is necessary to take additional safety measures. .

a. Registration is available exclusively at that allows the payment by credit card. From the opening of registration until 06/9 at 24:00 h the price will be 35 and 40 € depending on the distance.
b. Once we arrive to the 1500 registered, or the close of the registration period, no new registrations will be accepted by the Organizator.
c. Registration includes participation in the cycling event, numbered event bib and/or identification badge, gifts and services provided by the Organizer.
d. The Organizer entrusts the timing of Participants to the electronic chip system established by the contracted company and determined by the Catalan Federation .

Artículo 5: LICENSING
a. Riders are required to be federated with a valid license for the current year (2015) issued by the RFEC, the FCC or any other federation affiliated with the UCI
b. In the case that a participant is not federal licensed, the Organization will provide the rider with a temporary one-day license (insurance) valid only for participation in the cycling event, with an oncost of 5€”.

a. Once paid, registrations are considered final. Registration fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. If you cannot participate in the cycling event, the Organizer will deliver the commemorative gift at the place and dates indicated. In the case that date of the event must be changed, registration will still be valid if the event is held in the same year, but not for the following season.
b. Registrations are personal and non- transferable. The substitution of one participant by another is prohibited. If it is determined that this has happened, the Promoter reserves the right to penalize both parties by cancelling the validity of the insurance and disqualifying the participants from the event, all prizes, gifts and other expected benefits.

a. Numbered event bibs will be held at Tarraco Park hotel, Tarragona, on Saturday, October 3, from 16 to 21 hours for pick-up or on the day of the event from 6:00 to 7:00.
b. Participants must present identification (ID card, driving license, passport) to pick-up the bib. A current federal license MUST also be presented, if you have one.
c. To pick up the event bib for another person, you must present a photocopy of his/her identification document and their federal license, if they have one, as well as an authorization to pick up the bib signed by the applicant.
d. Under no circumstances should participants change or switch event bibs. The resale and/or transfer of the rights of registration may bring about penalties and actions against both the seller and the buyer.

a. The following checkpoints will be located along the course with closing times:
Point 1: La Riba (Km.50). At the separation of the short and long routes. Closes at 11:00 h.
Point 2: Mont-Ral (Km.78 in the 107km distance and km.130 in the 160km distance). At the checkpoint nearing. Closes at 15:00 h.
Point 3: FINISHLINE (Km 110/160). Closes at 18:00 h.
b. he closing time at the finish line will be at 18:00. The time limit for the course is 10 hourss.
c. If a participant wants to continue riding the course after the time limit, it will be at his/her own risk, as then, the Organizer will no longer provide services such as feed stations, mechanical or medical assistance, and will be relieved of any responsibilities related to this matter.

a. The following Feed Stations will be located along the long route at these points:
– Liquid Feed Station 1: Perafort (km 22)
– Solid / liquid Feed Station 2: La Riba (km 50)
– Solid / liquid Feed Station 3: Prades (km 92)
– Solid / liquid Feed Station 4: Mont-Ral (km 130)
– Solid / liquid Feed Station 5: La Secuita (km 150)

The following Feed Stations will be located along the short route at these points:
– Solid / liquid Feed Station 1: Perafort (km 22)
– Solid / liquid Feed Station 2: La Riba (km 50)
– Solid / liquid Feed Station 3: Mont-Ral (km 78)
– Solid / liquid Feed Station 4: La Secuita (km 98)

b. To access food and drink at the feed stations, participants must stop and go through the areas provided for that purpose. The Organizer is prohibited from offering food and beverages to moving cyclists outside of those areas.
c. Participants must discard garbage in designated areas. Littering will be penalized by disqualification.
d. The Organizer will not distribute supplies to cyclists who are not identified as participants in the cycling event.

a. The Organization will recommend accommodation in participating hotels.
b. There will be clearly marked restroom facilities available before the start of the event.
c. There will be restroom facilities available at the end of the course. The course ends with “paella party” and refreshments.
d. The trophies and prizes will be awarded at 16:00 near the finish line.

a. Official vehicles and personnel such as the Mossos d’Esquadra and local police will be present at the event.
b. Civil Protection personnel may support these bodies.
c. Other well-marked vehicles of the Organizer, including ambulances, broom cars, medical assistance, etc. will also be present.
d. The Organizer will place event volunteers and post clearly labelled signage in places it deems appropriate along the course. It is understood that these measure are present merely to offer assistance and are not a mandatory condition of the event.
e. By holding the corresponding federal license, or the one-day license, all Participants in the cycling event are covered for both medical care and civil liability. Riders who hold the one-day license are guaranteed coverage for accidents and civil liability.
f. The Organizer’s support staff is considered part of the police auxiliary and, as such, can make decisions affecting road safety, as well as decisions about the failure to comply with these rules and of the Road Safety Act and Annex II of the current traffic laws.

a. The use of approved protective headgear by all riders is mandatory.
b. Riders must wear the bib and/or identification badge and they must be clearly visible, without manipulating the shape or cover any part of the race bib.
c. They must respect and comply with traffic regulations and the Road Safety Act as well as the rules of the road. The Participant acknowledges that the roads may be in poor condition, and may have narrow stretches and dangerous curves, so the Organizer advises that the riders take precautions and the Participant releases the Organizer from responsibility for any incident or accident caused by his/her participation in the cycling event. Roads are open to transit.
d. Participants must respect the course and the environment. They should not litter or throw garbage outside the places authorized for this purpose.
e. Participants must pass through all checkpoints, including the start line.
f. If the participant drops out of the event, or is involved in an accident, he/she must contact the Organizer using the telephone numbers printed on the event bib.
g. No private support is permitted; only the Organizer’s vehicles will be allowed access to the course.
h. The rider accepts the declarations made on the Participant’s Waiver acknowledging his/her awareness of the risks and hazards inherent in participating in the event, and in so, releases the Organizer from all liability in the event of any incident or accident during the event. For registrations made electronically, this document is visible at the time of enrollment and must be accepted in order to successfully complete the process. If not accepted at this time, it must be signed at the time of the event bib pick-up.
i. The Participant, by enrolling in the cycling event, agrees to all its rules and regulations. Failure to comply with any of the listed rules will result in the automatic disqualification of the Participant.
j. Disabled riders taking part in the event with a Hand bike must be accompanied at all times by a rider wearing a reflective vest. The accompanying rider must ride behind the disabled Participant.
k. Is mandatory to participate with the jersey of the race.

Article 13: AWARDS
The Organizer will award the following awards:
– Veteran runner
– The 3 highest-ranked male participants (determined by timed stretches)
– The 3 highest-ranked female participants (determined by timed stretches).

a. The Organizer shall not be liable for any accident to the Participant caused by his/her participation in the event, nor for any debts that may be incurred during the event.
b. The Organizer reserves the right to modify details related to the event, such as the locations of Feed Stations, course routes, awards, etc…when there are legitimate reasons to justify these changes. Modifications to the event will be reported to Participants, either by telematic services (email, mobile messages, etc.) by PA, by communication channels (such as Facebook or Twitter) or by signs along the route.
c. At any time, the Organizer reserves the right to neutralize the event and resolve, at its discretion, any incident that may occur in the course of the event.
d. If, on the day of the event, force majeure (due to weather conditions or other occurrences beyond control) causes its cancellation, the Organizer will not refund the entry fee, but will deliver the Welcome Pack to the cyclists present. In addition, the Organizer will offer a 50% discount on the entry fee for the following edition of the cycling event.
e. The Organizer reserves the right to change (delete, add or modify items) of this regulation by the imposition of legal measures.
f. The Organizer reserves the right of admission to the event.

Article 15: PENALTIES
The Organizer is committed to the safety of the event’s participants and will inform the authorities about cyclists who do not obey the current rules of the road. Participants, who do not comply with the regulations, may be disqualified from the cycling event. In particular, the following behaviors will be carefully monitored:
a. Failure to follow the instructions of the authorities and / or Organizer.
b. Not passing through the start line and intermediate checkpoints along the course.
c. Riding under the influence of drugs/narcotics or alcohol.
d. Littering and disrespecting the environment.
e. Circulating with a private support vehicle.
f. Engaging in conduct that impedes the normal progression of the cycling event and disobeying its rules.

Article 16: IMAGE RIGHTS
By accepting these rules the participant authorizes the Organizers of the cycling event rights to the use of his/her image in all its forms (radio, press, video, photo, DVD, internet, posters, media, etc.) which may be used for promotional, commercial and/or advertising purposes. These rights are assigned to the Organizers releasing them from obligation of economic compensation for the use of these images.

The Organizer guarantees full compliance with the Protection of Personal Data regulations and, thus, according to the Organic Law 15/1999, the Participant is informed and consents to the inclusion of their data in the Organizer’s computer files and the processing of the data for use in the implementation of administrative, commercial management and other activities.
As for the privacy policy, the Organizer guarantees the Participant, his/her exercise of rights to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition under the terms established by current legislation, by writing to the Organization at the above mentioned address.
The Participant agrees that his/her data may be transferred only as necessary for the proper execution of the Organizer’s internal management and administration of its activities. In addition, the Participant agrees that the Organizer may send information about news or services that affect the cycling event. Acceptance by the Participant to the practices presented in this paragraph is revocable, without retroactive effect, as stated in Articles 6 and 11 of the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December.
The personal data contained in the registration, together with the bib number, will be available to the Catalan Traffic Police and the Government Mossos d’Esquadra, for the purpose of controlling and monitoring the cycling event.

It is strongly recommended that participants complete a medical check-up, which includes a stress test. The medical certificate should not be more than 1 (one) year old.

Tarragona, September 1, 2014


I Declare:

That I am aware of and fully accept the cycling event’s regulation, which is available on the Organizer’s website.
That I am, or will be by the day of the event, the minimum age required to participate in the event, as outlined in point 2 of the FCC Cyclotourism Cycling Event Regulations.
That I am aware that the event is non-competitive, and therefore, that in no aspect will the event resemble a competitive race.
That the routes take place on roads that are open to traffic, and that therefore, I must respect the existing road signage and especially the instructions of law enforcement, the civil protection personnel and the Organization.
I accept the risks inherent in participating in a course that is open to traffic.
I agree to abide by the rules of the Road Safety Act and its regulations, ensuring my safety and that of the other event Participants and users of the public highway.
that I hold harmless the Organizer, its President, its Board of Directors, the Catalan Cycling Federation, and / or any other person or entity connected with the organization of the cycling of any responsibilities arising from any accident caused by my participation in the event.
That I release those mentioned above from any responsibility for loss, for health reasons, arising from my participation in the cycling event. I personally assume all inherent risks to health posed by the physical effort required to participate in the event.
I declare That I am aware of the possible risks associated with participation in the event, including:
• Stretches where I will have to exercise extreme caution.
• The existence of all types of non-event vehicles along the route of the event.
• That these vehicles circulate among cyclists as normal road users.
• That I accept and know that I will encounter all kinds of vehicles in both directions of traffic.
• That I know and accept that there may be intersections, which are not regulated by The Organizer that can be incorporated in all types of vehicles.
• That there are long descents with curves so I will have to reduce my speed to avoid harming others or myself.
• That there may be sections along the route that do not have optimal safety conditions. I release the Organizer from liability for any injury that I may suffer because of poor maintenance of, or defects in the roads’ infrastructure.
• That the possibility of cycling accidents exist, and that I must take personal responsibility for accidents that I may cause to myself or to another Participant, releasing the Organizer from any liability for these accidents.
• That there is a possibility of an accident to a third party not participating in the cycling event, and I that I will personally assume full responsibility for any accident, releasing the Organizer from any liability.